Computational Sciences Center

Winter semester 2018/19

Mathematisches Seminar

  •  Numerical methods for non-local operators
    Required: Bachelor-level mathematics, C programming
    Topics: Approximation by Taylor expansion and interpolation; low-rank matrices; hierarchical matrices; truncated arithmetic operations; complexity estimates; H²-matrices

Institut für Informatik

  •  Climate Models and Simulations
    Required: Linear Algebra, one- and multi-dimensional analysis, programming skills in any scientific language
    Topics: Modeling prinziples, different model classes: energy balance, box, transport, flow models, numerical methods for these classes

Institut für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

  •  Pattern Recognition
    Required: Higher mathematics
    Topics: Noise reduction; beamforming; speech and speaker recognition; enhancement of signal playback
  •  Optimization and Optimal Control
    Required: Higher mathematics
    Topics: Fundamentals of static and dynamic optimization problems; static optimization with and without constraints; dynamics optimization with and without constraints
  •  Numerical Simulation of Analog and Digital Communication Systems
    Required: fundamentals of communication
    Topics: Execution and evaluation of simulations; implementation of basic system elements; band pass transmission; simulation efficiency and computing technology

Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre

  •  Advanced Topics in Financial Economics: Networks
    Voraussetzungen: Higher mathematics
    Inhalte: Games and decisions in networks; mathematics of networks; measures for networks; macroscopic structure; algorithms for network analysis; random graphs; network formation; epidemics and cascades; empirical networks in economics and finance; empirical networks in other disciplines