Computational Sciences Center


Winter School on Hierarchical Matrices, Germany, Feb/Mar 2018

Date: 26th of Februrary to 2nd of March, 2018
Place: Kiel University, Kiel, Germany
Organizers: Wolfgang Hackbusch, Lars Grasedyck, Steffen Börm

Hierarchical matrices offer an efficient approach to handling non-local operators resulting, e.g., from the discretization of an integral equation or the inversion of a partial differential equation. They rely on a decomposition of a matrix into sub-matrices of low numerical rank that can be represented in factorized form. Using this representation, we can perform operations like the matrix-vector multiplication, matrix multiplication, inversion, factorization, or the evaluation of matrix functions or the solution of certain matrix equations in almost linear complexity.

The winter school is split into two parts:

  • lectures present the fundamental concepts and algorithms, while 
  • practical exercises allow the participants to experience the methods first-hand and discuss specific questions and applications with experts in the field.

Participation is free of charge. Please address questions and registration requests to